Rode to Recovery - (Meta) Physical Meanderings
An inspiring true story of triumph

A poignant narrative of health crisis, valiant recovery and a triumphant transcontinental motorcycle odyssey

Join James McCullough on his journey from a hospital bed to 25 U.S. States


Ride to Peace and Contentment

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Challenges, whether physical or emotional, can be over- whelming, but they can also stimulate miraculous growth. "Rode to Recovery - (Meta) Physical Meanderings" is an uplifting true story of triumph and an affirmation of the power of the human spirit to endure and prevail. read more

Praise for Rode to Recovery

Beautifully written, totally captivating and emotionally moving, Rode to Recovery will have you spellbound from the first paragraph through to the last sentence. After going on this journey with the author you will never take your life or your health for granted again!

Peggy McColl, New York Times Best-Selling Author


Rode to Recovery is a scenic, meandering story full of thoughtful observations and deep wisdom. James McCullough takes you with him on his physical and spiritual journey – a journey filled with tragedy, humor and light-heartedness to ultimately arrive at peace and contentment.

Nancy Thiel Voogd, creator and founder of SPIRALVISION


Rode to Recovery is reflective, emotional, spiritual, philosophical and inspiring. I was particularly moved by McCullough's ability to distill so many personal lessons from his experience. Another person would have retreated into a cocoon or became angry at himself or others. The book reminds us that we need to stop and think about the priorities of our lives.

Walid Aldoori, M.D., M.P.A., Sc.D.


Rode to Recovery is a beautiful tale of the strength of the human spirit.  James McCullough takes us on his real life adventure with all the ups and downs, and keeps us engaged with every word.  His new awareness of life after his hardship should make us all stop and examine our own lives more closely.

Adina Klima, Creatrix of JuJu Bellies


If you, or someone you know, has experienced a life altering setback, read Rode to Recovery. In the author you will find a confidant who shares your experiences of coping with profound physical and emotional challenges. You'll also go on an uplifting journey that will celebrate recovery, change and the exciting promise of a new, albeit different, future.

Rising above life altering challenges through a little music, motorcycles and metaphysics is what Rode to Recovery is all about.

Allan Clemmens


Rode to Recovery is thoroughly enjoyable. The tale of health catastrophe, arduous recovery and triumphant adventure is captivating. It is a well written must-read for anyone who wants to be inspired and reminded of what’s truly important in life.

Carol Johnston


James McCullough has opened his heart to share a phenomenal journey. McCullough's vivid account of a life altering event; what lead up to it; the synchronicities that materialized; and the unfolding revelations his experience readied him to receive, all shed light on what this 'Life Here On Earth' is really all about.



I wasn’t surprised to wake up in a hospital, but then again I may not have been capable of feeling surprise at that particular moment. I absorbed my situation with interest but also a strange tranquil detachment ... read more

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